What is Gracefully Midwest

Gracefully Midwest

What is it?

Gracefully Midwest is my blog that I started to share my thoughts and things I like with others who do as well. Writing for me has become a stress relief from the craziness of life, so I figured why not share it with others as well.

Who’s writing all this?

Your are probably wondering who is going to be writing all theses posts why don’t I introduce my self. Hi my name is Holly and like the name of this blog says I live in the Midwest. I live in the upper Midwest and have lived here all my life and truly do enjoy it, I like the slower pase of life and not having to always be on the move. (call me crazy) I have a cat who is 10 years old and she is crazy to. I also work full time and am a part time student.

What’s the content going to  be?

This blog is not going to have set content it is going to be whatever I want it to be. Post might range from makeup and clothes to organization, recipes, or just my thoughts on things. But to say the least there is no set plan for this blog.


Thanks for reading this to the end  I hope you stick around and tell me what kind of posts you want to see.




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